Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been placed here to allow me to answer some of the questions I receive, and address some of the issues that are presented. Hopefully, it will answer most questions people have.

Question: Why has it been so long since you updated the site?
Answer: Well, while I enjoy working on AD&D, and on my various web sites (about 10 at last count), I do have a life, friends, job, family, etc. These little things tend to demand a fair amount of my time. I try to get to the page when I can, but I just don't have the time to scour the web, looking for new AD&D content anymore.

Question: Where can I report broken links?
Answer: You can e-mail me at

Question: Do you have a city mapper?
Answer: No, I'm afraid not. If I did, rest assured, it would be on the page. This is true for almost any program, really. If it has anything to do with AD&D, and I have it, I have already put it up on the site.

Question: Can you tell me where to find an online PBeM game?
Answer: I'm afraid not. This site generates way too much e-mail for me to be able to personally send rules information. lists of PBeM sites, etc. If you're struck, try Dogpile Multi-Engine Search Engine - my favourite search page.

Question: General complaints, whines and bitches.
Answer: This "question" is actually an excuse for a bit of a personal rant, so please excuse me. I sometimes get e-mail, or signatures in my guest book (such as the one from Tolga Çelik) from people complaining that download speeds are too slow, links are broken, etc. Try to remember, before you start complaining, that this site is FREE, and the work I do is done for no reward. I have kept the site basically advertisement free, and I don't sell my e-mail lists to spammers. The site is here for your enjoyment, but the reward I get is knowing people like the site. If you don't like the site, you don't have to come back. Believe me, I have absolutely no interest in listening to whiners.
     I'm not saying that people shouldn't let me know about broken links, etc. But when someone wants to complain that d/l speeds are slow, not only on my site, but on the various homepages of sites I link to (Tolga Çelik again), that's a bit annoying. So anyway, thanks for listening to me rant. :)