Chat Rules

Hopefully I will be able to keep the List as rule-free as possible. I don't want to have to police the List unless absolutely necessary. So, please read the rules, and abide by them.

  1. TuDragons Chat is a List designed to facilitate the discussion of AD&D and related materials. New ideas, suggestions, rules interpretations, etc. While the topic of discussion may sometimes stray, this is the core purpose of the board, so don't let it stray far.
  2. No flaming. This is not a place for you to discuss your personal opinions of other individuals, their personalities, or gaming habits. If you don't like a posted spell, don't use it. Do not post a message to the List saying "This spell is stupid", or variations thereof. Constructive criticisms are fine, but personal attacks are not.
  3. When replying to an e-mail message, please delete uneccesary lines - quote only the applicable lines of text. The reason for this is message size. After a message has been replied to three or four times, a simple 5 line message can become a 25 K file. This increases download times - a real trial for those of us with slower modems.
  4. If you don't enjoy a message thread, don't read it - just delete it. You do not have the right to tell someone to end a specific thread. If you feel a thread is off-topic and should be ended, e-mail the list moderator privately at and let him know.